We are extremely excited to announce that you can now find Sushi Sushi in Coles supermarkets.

You can now enjoy our fresh and delicious sushi at any time of day while you shop in Coles stores. Perfect for a quick lunch on the go, a snack to get through a long grocery shop or anything in between.


Coles Casey
Coles Donvale
Coles Parkhill
Coles Tooroonga
Coles Yarraville
Coles Croydon
Coles Coburg North
Coles Eden Rise
Coles Manor Lakes
Coles Patterson Lakes
Coles Vic Gardens
Coles Taylors Hill
Coles Mernda (opening soon)
Coles Port Melbourne (opening soon)
Coles Burwood East (opening soon)
Coles New Farm
Coles Noosa