An inspiring colour palette from salmon-pink to nori-green, the synchronicity of perfectly-formed shapes from sashimi to nigiri, layers of texture, and a kaleidoscope of flavours.

We’ve always known sushi is an art form.

Sushi Sushi x Bromley&Co: the perfect partnership of art and sushi

For over 30 years David Bromley has inspired and delighted with his distinct themes and unique styles of painting and sculpture. Today, he is one of Australia’s most recognisable and innovative artists. We are delighted to welcome Bromley&Co to the Sushi Sushi family for The Art of Sushi, a partnership that will make art accessible to sushi-lovers across the country.

“For me, this relationship felt like the perfect foray of ‘food meets art’. It allowed me to tumble down the rabbit hole, taking the cuisine on a delightful, kaleidoscopic journey where the love of my absolute favourite food, sushi, could flourish” 

David Bromley

Introducing David and Yuge Bromley

In their new roles as Sushi Sushi’s Directors of Creative Innovation, David and his wife and business partner Yuge Bromley will bring to life a new vision for Sushi Sushi, with experiential retail spaces, stunning new sustainable packaging and more. For all the latest, check out our Facebook or Instagram

“We believe there is a deep connection between the two fields of Japanese food and art; both involve time, beauty and craft in order to create something people love.”

David and Yuge Bromley

Art you can take away

Sushi Sushi’s new range of sustainable Bromley packaging will be launching in selected stores across Australia in December. Each piece in the series has been specifically designed as a feast for the eyes, to be enjoyed while eating your beautiful sushi.

All made in Australia and fully recyclable … but we think you’ll want to keep the boxes to create your own art collection at home.

What’s next?

The Bromley artistic imprint will continue to grow throughout our Sushi Sushi stores in the coming months … keep in touch with our Instagram and Facebook to hear what’s coming up next.