The Sushi Sushi Story

Our History

1998 Sushi Sushi revolutionised the way Australians ate sushi, taking it from what was mainly a high-end Japanese restaurant cuisine, to a fresh and healthy on-the-go meal, readily accessible through stores in shopping centres and high streets across the country.

The very first store in Box Hill, Victoria is busier than ever today, over 20 years after it opened, along with our other 150+ stores which have cemented Sushi Sushi as Australia’s favourite sushi brand.

We owe our success to our sushi artisans who expertly handcraft our fresh products in store daily, using only the best quality ingredients. We merge traditional and contemporary flavours to create a unique menu with all your favourites alongside exciting new products that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our Koi

The Sushi Sushi  koi (below) is an important symbol of our brand. The role of the koi is an expression of our staff, store spirit and personality.

It is a badge that can be worn by us all to show our dedication to discovering and creating the best Japanese inspired food for our customers.

According to legend in Japan, if a koi fish successfully climbs the falls at a place called Dragon Gate on the Yellow River, it would be transformed into a dragon. Because of this the koi fish has become a symbol of aspiration and advancement.

At Sushi Sushi, we believe in applying the same sense of determination, persistence and perseverance the legendary koi uses to achieve its goal and we apply that to everything we do. Whether perfecting your favourite products or creating new ones, designing new stores and customer experiences, or even going the extra mile when serving our customers, we don’t rest until we have achieved success.