About Us

Back in 1998 we opened our first store in Box Hill, Victoria with aspirations to change how Australians eat sushi. Our dream was to take it from high-end Japanese restaurants and make it a fresh, healthy on the go meal available for everyone to enjoy.

So successful was the venture, we’re now approaching 170 Sushi Sushi stores nationally, making us the biggest and most loved sushi brand in Australia.

We’ve put the impossible to find everywhere and made the complex simple. We’re the sushi pioneers of Australia and that’s a lot to be proud of!

Our success comes from the quality and consistency of our sushi. We’ve made little change to our core product and format over the last 25 years, because after all it’s stood the test of time for thousands of years in Japan.

Sushi Sushi is differentiated from other brands by our focus on premium quality, authentic Japanese ingredients coupled with local fresh produce. Our Japanese inspired food is made fresh daily and this is why we’re Australia’s number one sushi retailer.

Image showing plates of sushi
Image showing plates of sushi


Our nori comes from the seas off Japan where the water is cold and rich with mineral content, enhancing the taste of nori seaweed. It’s cropped once a year, then graded by its quality before being sold at auction. It’s then carefully stored to preserve its integrity before being roasted, ensuring its delicate taste and texture. This nori is rare to find in Australia, and only the finest sushi makers have access to it. Only the finest sushi makers and you. Because when you eat our hand rolls, that’s exactly what you’re holding.

Our vinegar is produced in the Japanese Alps area by a brewer established in 1876. Surrounded by crystal clear water and fresh air – both vital to producing the highest quality vinegar – it’s derived from rice grain which makes it gluten free. It’s then processed using the same method as sake brewing, creating a mild and sweet vinegar with an excellent depth of taste. No other vinegar in the world brews in this method.

Umami. The greatest flavour in existence. Sure, we’re biased, but we’re sticking to it. Our soy sauce is traditional Japanese soy sauce. We’re talking exclusive-supplier-founded-in-18th-century-Japan traditional. But, somehow, also modern. Because it’s gluten free. There’s nothing our soy sauce can’t do!

Quality matters. We proudly support local farmers, producers and suppliers by always choosing Australian first for our fresh ingredients.

Why is our salmon so good? It’s all sustainably farmed in Tassie. We only buy fresh… and it’s just too far to swim!

Sushi Sushi is passionate about helping build a socially responsible and environmentally conscious world that our people, communities and future generations can be proud of. We’re focused on reducing our impact on the environment and ensuring we deliver products that are delicious and align with our commitment to sustainability.


The Art of Sushi Sushi is a journey of discovery across our food, art, Japanese culture and design where the beauty of tradition meets the spirit of innovation.

We’ve turned high end restaurant fare into low fuss takeaway by treating the making of our food as an artform. We take a great deal of care in the quality and taste of our ingredients and the presentation of our food. Our skilled sushi artisans craft each menu item with passion, transforming the freshest ingredients into edible works of art.

We source Japanese ingredients for authenticity and local produce for freshness. And while we’re incredibly proud of our products, it’s a quiet pride drawn from a genuine belief in what we’re doing and the 25 years of success it’s brought us.

Image showing a composition of the different art used by Sushi Sushi
Image showing plates of sushi


We’re delighted to have David and Yuge Bromley, owners of Bromley&Co as our Directors of Creative Innovation, bringing two iconic Australian brands together and making art accessible to sushi lovers across the country. A feast for the eyes and for the tummy, the partnership brings to life The Art of Sushi Sushi drawing on the time, patience, skill and beautiful aesthetics of sushi and art.

We believe there is a deep connection between the two fields of Japanese food and art; both involve time, beauty and craft in order to create something people love.


We only wrap our sushi in the best. And we don’t just mean the highly sought after first batch Japanese nori. All of our packaging is sustainably produced as well. So it doesn’t just look beautiful, it’s recyclable to lessen any impact on the planet. Each piece in the series has been specifically designed as a feast for the eyes to be enjoyed while eating your beautiful sushi.

Image showing a composition of the different art used by Sushi Sushi
Image of two koi wall decorations


The koi fish, our main brand icon, holds deep symbolism in Japanese culture and represents various qualities that resonate with our core company values. Known for their vibrant colours, the koi is associated with good fortune, prosperity, courage and determination. In Japanese folklore, koi fish are often depicted as transformational creatures capable of swimming upstream against strong currents, where they will eventually evolve into a majestic dragon.

Just as a koi’s elegant and graceful movements evoke a sense of harmony and balance, we aim to create the perfect harmony between taste, texture and presentation. Every dish that leaves our kitchen is a testament to our dedication to perfection and a reflection of our passion.


Our Sushi Sushi x Bromley&Co concept store is located in Hawksburn. Sushi, hot food, art and unique Bromley x Sushi Sushi merchandise all available for purchase.

527 Malvern Road, Toorak Vic. Dine in, takeaway and delivery. Open 7 days.

Image the Hawksburn concept store