12 August, 2016

    We all know how great sushi is for that quick lunchtime, grab-and-go, but it is also one of those dishes where you pause to wonder just how fresh your lunch meal is going to be. With a meal that is full of raw fish and cold rice, often served in a pre-prepared lunch box, it’s no surprise that we often stop and consider how long your food has been sitting around for. You can’t help wondering just who made it, and when.

    There are a few great tips to look out for when selecting a sushi meal, to make sure that you’re choosing the freshest and the best:

    Tip 1 – Smell

    One good way to tell if your sushi is fresh is the smell. There here shouldn’t be one. Fresh fish should have no smell at all, and neither should the restaurant. A clean and odourless shop is always a good clue that the staff care about food safety and quality.

    Tip 2 – Condensation

    Condensation inside the packaging is a sure sign that the product has been held in conditions that have had variable temperatures. You want clear, clean packaging, which reveals the product has been held in a constant chilled temperature to lock in the freshness.

    Tip 3 – Look closely at the product

    The firmness of the flesh of the fish, the clean, bright, white rice and the crisp wrap of the nori (seaweed) are all signs that your meal is the freshest it can be. There is no excuse to be consuming tired hand rolls or seafood that is past its prime.

    Tip 4 – Ask the question

    Don’t feel afraid to ask the staff what date and time your meal was prepared. The better the sushi shop, the more recently your food was prepared. Even better, ask if they have a sushi chef in-store. For example, at Sushi Sushi the food is made fresh each day, from fresh seafood and vegetables that are delivered every morning by a trained sushi chef who pays attention to your dishes. All of the dishes are made in the store, and not pre-prepared off site. Every container of Sushi Sushi has a sticker that shows the day it was made, so you can always be sure you’re eating the freshest food, made with the best ingredients.